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Our well trained team will build the recruiting function you need

Go beyond the tactical process of finding, evaluating and hiring people. The technology and systems you incorporate coupled with a Talent Framework customized to your company can be a force multiplier for your business. 

TeamSourced Recruiting Services
The perfect marriage of technology and industry best practices

Targeted sourcing including personalized messaging and a dedicated recruiter for one role per month. This is our base package and an inexpensive option that supplies instant results for one role.

Great for: executive search, specialized roles that are high priority or a start-up with limited team needs.

Don’t build your own recruiting team, activate ours! Targeted sourcing along with personalized messaging for up to three roles per month is delivered to you by a three person team that includes a lead recruiter. 

Great for: Seed series, and Round A who are in controlled growth. Larger team executive sourcing support.

This service provides targeted sourcing along with personalized messaging for up to six roles is delivered to you by a four person team that includes a lead recruiter. 

Great for: when you need immediate results on a few roles or you have limited team resources and are ready to scale

Targeted sourcing along with personalized messaging for up to 10 roles per month delivered to you by a five person team that includes a lead recruiter, as well as a support recruiter. 

Great for: at scale companies who want a lean recruiting team and a world class resource for sourcing.

Our team acts as an extension of your team and monitors all of the responses to our TalentFilter outreach.

We move things forward and schedule next steps with our trained recruiters who dive in and pitch each interested candidate on your company, while also gathering the necessary data for you.

Often companies may have anywhere from two to ten or more values, which can be confusing to untrained interviewers who are evaluating to what they think is the company standard.

To ensure that your teams are hiring correctly, we recommend that you build a framework around a core set of tactical values you can use to evaluate each candidate who comes through your interview process. This custom framework development and refinement is including in the TotalTalent Recruiting package.

The recruiting technology space is crowded with entrants, and it can be difficult in distinguishing which services are best.

As an addition to this service, we include consulting around which ATS system to implement, as well as a guaranteed block of time each month focused on customizing your technology with your company’s new Talent Framework. This ensures a solid human capital foundation while also reducing cost and friction around hiring as you grow.

Make every candidate contact matter

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