TeamSourced Sourcing

Sourced is a team comprised of recruiting and sourcing experts

Experienced recruiters know that the more time you spend at the top of the funnel the better the results.

Our Sourcing service can handle all of your top-of-the-funnel sourcing needs while also providing you with enhanced network effects. Click below to read more about how this service delivers for your team.

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We use AI driven technology and battle tested messaging techniques that deliver results

We fulfill our services with a pod of Talent Specialists who are solely focused on your openings and roles.

Let our team handle the hours of research that are needed before properly reaching out to candidates.

We focus on finding the best approach for that outreach, bringing those candidates into process and discussing the opportunity with each candidate (if needed).

Targeted sourcing along with personalized messaging for one role per month. This is our base package and an inexpensive option that supplies instant results for one role.

Great for: executive search, specialized roles that are high priority or a start-up with limited team needs

Targeted sourcing along with personalized messaging for up to three roles per month. 

Great for: Seed series, and Round A who are in controlled growth. Larger team executive sourcing support.

This service provides targeted sourcing along with personalized messaging for up to six roles.  We also provide two free weeks of our comprehensive candidate evaluation service and can add that feature on a monthly basis as well.

Great for: when you need immediate sourcing results on a few roles or you have limited team resources and are ready to scale

Targeted sourcing along with personalized messaging for up to 10 roles per month. This is our most comprehensive sourcing package (but if you have a need for more than 10 please contact us anyway. We can scale quickly).

Great for: at scale companies who want a lean recruiting team and a world class resource for sourcing.

Make every candidate contact matter

While we develop your talent pool