This service doesn't just fill the top of your funnel... it changes lives

Bringing opportunity and training to those who need it

Why Argentina?

We built our Sourcing center in Buenos Aires due to the strong talent available there.

The opportunity to make a difference

The humanitarian crisis in Venezuela has meant an influx of refugees relocating to Argentina. We saw an opportunity to provide stability to this population during an unbelievable time of stress by providing employment. We offer a higher pay rate and the ability for career growth.

What sets our service apart
On the technology end of the recruiting business, the focus over the last five years seems to be entirely on automation and removing the human part of the equation. We feel this approach has limitations, and agree with top experts in the field developing the latest tools. The perfect marriage is putting top technology in the hands of people properly trained to use it.


Our model is built to purposely deliver a leaner process than other RPO groups. We do this intentionally to ensure the people doing the hard work are the ones benefitting the most from it.


Our best practices have been honed at top companies, and have been battled tested in emerging startups. We share our knowledge freely with our new teammates, we focus on building careers.


We are focused on developing the people we work with. This benefits our customers by allowing us to be more consistent in delivering both volume and quality.

Let us show you how we can fill the top of your recruiting funnel!

We offer our On Demand Sourcing service as both a standalone offering or paired with the highly trained recruiters that we place with you. In fact, we believe in this service so strongly that we give a week of it away for free to every client who hires one of our recruiters.