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You need more than new hires, you need a network.

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Talent Sourcing for Today

In the past, recruiters had to be experts at using search engines, building Boolean searches, and spending hours x-raying websites and guessing at email combinations to find prospective candidates.

Linkedin has helped organize things, but provides little real data about the people on the platform. Their database is also no longer intuitive or easy to search. Our team has sourced previously unidentified candidates, who are on Linkedin, but our clients (with a LinkedIn Recruiter license) could not find.

Today, technology in recruiting is ever transforming. Over the last five years, quite a few hiring tools have entered the market.

A common feature of these products is telling you how they are going to solve your hiring problems while reducing your time to fill and increasing your candidate quality.

Whether they are curated databases, extensions that enable a service, or technology-driven search platforms they all have limitations and are often only as effective as the person you have using and managing them. They also do little to assist you in your overall recruitment strategy.

A curated database goes as far as it’s upkeep. Databases, tools, and extensions require an active investment of time from your team to get any result. Also, their effectiveness ends the minute you elect to stop using their product.

At the same time, recruiting services have remained unchanged, and we believe that contingency recruiting model, in particular, is ineffective and broken in this day and age. There is a need to go beyond charging a flat fee for a candidate an agency has a vested interest in you hiring.

How You Recruit is as Important as Who You Recruit

We believe that the best recruiting process is a comprehensive one that focuses on the details. Top talent across industries are getting barraged by emails and in-mails daily. How your company is reaching out to candidates is crucial.

Recruiting is more than just filling your open roles. Word of mouth marketing that will result from the outreach done by your team, as well as the phone screens you conduct are an often an overlooked branding opportunity for businesses. Repeated positive experiences will have a net effect over time, allowing you to become an employer of choice.

Our TalentFilter Sourcing service is an evolution of both of these core principles. We have developed and trained our internal team on best practices acquired while working with a variety of large enterprise clients across several sectors, including Google, Dropbox, Grainger, and Allstate Insurance.

We also specialize in helping high growth startups like Bolt, SensorTower, Evisort, and Apex.AI grow quickly and effectively through building a strong sourcing pipeline that we reach out to with personalized messaging.

The best feature of our service is that it lives on even when we roll-off. 

Stages of Recruiting

We understand the cyclical nature of recruiting. Companies grow in stages, and if you do it right the first time, you will find that your hiring needs will ebb and flow. Even companies rapidly scaling for a few years will eventually have a lull.

We saw the need for a better solution. Our solution can provide instant results, while also helping to establish a relationship with the labor market and continue working well after the cessation of recruiting.

That is why we offer our services on a monthly basis. We want to give you the flexibility to grow when you need to while being able to keep a close eye on your costs.

We frequently hear from our clients about the long-tail effects of our service. How a dream candidate popped up months after we had worked together, and they had seized the opportunity to bring more world-class talent into their organization without paying an additional fee.

One recent client reported making a hire two months after they stopped using our service, based on a delayed email response. Our service process is designed to give full visibility to all the incoming and outgoing messages ensuring results continue long after our work.

Despite all the changes, companies still need to fill their top priority roles. We are thrilled to be able to provide this exciting new service to our clients to make this possible.

Schedule a call today to learn how TalentFilter sourcing can work for you.

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