Recruiting Consulting for any situation

In over 20 years of recruiting consulting, we have seen every imaginable situation. As a result, we have seen what does work, and more importantly what doesn’t. Therefore we can bring best practices developed by top companies that can be customized for you.

  • Master Sourcing Training
  • Comprehensive Candidate Evaluation Training
  • Hiring Team Behavioral Interview Training
  • Talent Framework Development

Master Sourcing Training

It’s important to realize that Linkedin should be a starting point for your team, not their complete solution. We deliver the right foundation of market mapping and competitive intelligence, tools, and sources, and techniques together with the training on how to create comprehensive sourcing strategies that deliver consistent results.

Comprehensive Candidate Evaluation Training

Initial interviews are critical because so many things are happening at once. The recruiter is pitching your company, evaluating candidates, and capturing as much data as they can record. Consistency and quality due to a rigorous and defensible interview process should be the goal of every leader. Our interview training will give your recruiters everything they need to feel confident in their initial calls.

Hiring Team Behavioral Interview Training

The best businesses build process around evaluating, hiring, and developing their people. One good way to do this is by developing them as an interviewer. We can train teams of all experience levels and deliver training that will can bring new perspective and information to even your most seasoned people.

Talent Framework Development

Since finding good people can be difficult, keeping and developing them should be a fundamental building block in your organization. Our consultants can deliver custom frameworks, built around your company culture, needs, and wants that can be used in every aspect of hiring and managing your team (from hiring all the way through to performance management).

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From high volume hiring to finding people for the most challenging roles, to building scalable recruiting systems. Our consultants have seen every possible recruiting scenario and love sharing their best practices and knowledge. Let our team of Master recruiter's level up your team with our consulting and training offers.