California Consumer Privacy Act

This page was created on January 15, 2020, last updated on January 16, 2020 , and is intended for California residents, but may apply to all residents living in the United States.


Background of this page: Organizations doing business subject to the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) will need to provide a clear and conspicuous link titled “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” on their homepage in order to enable a consumer or a person authorized by the consumer to opt-out of the sale of the consumer’s personal information.

We are Sourced, LLC (hereto known as “Sourced”). A professional agency of recruiters who conduct recruiting activities for clients. Our mission is to connect people who might be passively looking for a job with the right opportunities at a variety of companies.  

Sourced recruiting services not only help you connect with a potential employer or a job opportunity that might fit your career goal, but we also help companies find qualified people for their open job positions. We gather and share professional personal information for the purpose of specifically connecting you with companies who are looking for someone with your skillset and professional background. 

Sourced respects every person’s privacy. Our interest doesn’t overpower your interest. For information on California consumers’ rights under CCPA and how Sourced collects and uses California consumer personal information, please visit our California Consumer Privacy Notice 

As a California consumer, you have the right to opt-out and request to delete your personal information collected by Sourced. We provide the opt-out form to help us verify your request and help you complete the opt-out and deletion process. Please be informed that the information you filled out through this form will only serve for the purpose to verify your request and to enable us to link your information in our internal system. We will not sell or disclose the information you provided to us. Once you click the “Opt Out” button, you will opt-out from our services system, and your information will also be deleted from our database.