Michael Doran

Managing Partner

Our founder Michael is Ex-Google and Dropbox with 20 years of recruiting experience. He and Emily recently helped Bolt scale from 15 people to 150 people and a spot on the Breakout list in 2019. Michael is passionate about best practices in recruiting operations and helping people.

Emily Doran

Operations & Marketing

Emily does a little bit of everything for Sourced. Her background includes recruiting for both large corporations and startups and graphic design. She works with our talent specialist team and handles marketing and design work for the company. In her spare time, she volunteers in the community with numerous causes.

Tim Santangelo

Sourcing Director

Tim is our Director of Sourcing and Messaging based in Buenos Aires. He was previously employee #6 of TopFunnel and was responsible for building many aspects of their operations that led to 4x growth in 2018. He has worked on sourcing and scaling for a variety of Silicon Valley companies and brings best practices and training to our team.

Will Addison

Talent Specialist

Will is a Talent Specialist in Buenos Aires. Will focuses on keeping our client dashboards and metrics updated, as well as researching and developing personalized messaging for client outreach.

Angelica Camarri


Angelica is the ace up our sleeve. Working diligently on the backend, she is building internal tools for our team that help improve speed, efficiency, and that will ensure we never send the same messaging to a candidate twice across every client.

Jesse Noble

Talent Specialist

Jesse is a talent specialist and our resident Sleuth. Another resident of Buenos Aires he focuses on both sourcing, as well as doing the extensive research needed to develop personalized messaging for our client candidate outreach.


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